How To Remove False Eyelashes That Are Used – When we use false eyelashes, we also have to know how to remove the most appropriate lashes. Surely you don’t want your real lashes to get damaged or come off because of removing the false lashes that are not right. So for that, we will provide several ways to remove false lashes that are used properly. Let’s look at the following reviews.

How To Remove False Eyelashes That Are Used

  1. Apply properly

The first thing you have to do is make sure to apply the false lashes close to your lash line, not right at your lash line. If the glue sticks to the real lashes, this can also cause damage to your lashes.

  1. Also use oil before removing it

Well, the second step apart from removing it slowly, you can try using oil first, its function is to stretch your false lashes. You can also try using coconut oil to remove any remaining glue, but use fresh or clean oil to avoid irritating the hook.

  1. remove the lashes from the middle

Third, after you have applied oil to your lashes, you can remove your lashes in the right and proper way. The trick, slowly pull the false lashes starting from the middle to the outer part.

  1. Soak the lashes in water

Now, if the false lashes are completely removed, immediately soak them in clean water, this is very effective which aims to get rid of the oil that you applied earlier and also get rid of the remaining glue on the lashes.

  1. do certain steps if you want to be used again

If you plan to use the false lashes again the next day, if after soaking them, you can put the lashes back in the box or you can also use a tissue to re-shape them and dry them overnight, then keep your lashes clean by storing them in a special place, don’t let it just put it in your makeup bag.

How is it quite simple, isn’t it a way to remove lashes maybe this way you can easily remove your lashes without fear of your real lashes falling out due to use, now you can see more information about lashes on the official website of PT Sung Shim International. May be useful